Winter Conference 2018 Recap

Well, the Cru Winter Conferences for the winter of 2018/2019 are in the books!

Cru hosts 7 major student conferences each winter in various parts of the country. This year, we’re celebrating the fact that the two largest conference locations, Minneapolis and Indianapolis, were led in worship by student worship teams. Not only is this an incredible growth experience for our student leaders and musicians, but the students who attend these conferences consistently say one of their favorite things about Winter Conference is being lead in worship by peers from their campuses.

These worship teams were assembled from students who auditioned at two of our fall Worship Arts Weekends, one in Minneapolis and one in Indianapolis. They were given catalogs of 25 to 30 songs, which they practiced diligently throughout November and December. Arriving at the conference locations a few days early, both bands had a short amount of time to rehearse together before the opening conference sessions. 

Cru’s Performing Artist Team serves the conferences by providing planning and coaching for the students, and by having on-site music directors to help run rehearsals and work out musical arrangements. We were very pleased with the hard work these students put in, and the result of their labor was nothing short of a highway into the throne room of God for thousands of students.  Worship experiences in both ballrooms were powerful, Spirit-led, and defining moments in the lives of students.

Some favorite photos from the conferences are shared below. 

For more information about Winter Conference, click here

To listen to live worship from the Minneapolis team in 2017, click here

Wait – Cru has a Worship Network?

Cru movements across the country and the world gather together weekly to read the Word, build community around the gospel, and worship our beautiful savior. Over the past several years, it has become a primary goal of Cru’s Performing Artists Team to help equip these students and help develop both the heart and art of worship.

Our goal is that this Worship Network would grow deep and wide as we pursue excellence in all we do. One way we hope to do that is through this site, with content related to how we leverage musical worship within Cru’s movements and conference events, as well as platforming artists that exist within or come out of Cru’s movements!

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